Your Smart Phone and 360° Photography - Google Street View GSV Maps - DIY

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Do you have an iPhone or Android ?

Surely you have one or the other right ? What did you have before an iPhone ? Oh yeah, the Apple music box thingy ..... the iPod, that's it ! My gosh, before that it was music on CD, cassette, 8-track, record ... it's amazing how these things have changed. Photography is starting to see new and interesting changes as well. Just in the past few years 360°photography has grown in leaps and bounds and has introduced some very neat concepts and results.

The diversity of 360° photos range from fun shots with the family to high end, high resolution, high cost photos that can be used to create an online replica of a real environment. Recently in an online chat I was sent a link to someone's photography profile. It was pictures of a resort that were taken with a high-end DSLR camera and stitched together in a fashion that creates a 360° environment. The "feels like" effect was amazing, the clarity and details !!

Sounds pretty neat huh !? Here's an example of great 360° imaging (1)

So here's the deal. 360° photography is not brand new, it has just gained quite a bit in popularity. Google offers an online maps product called "Street View" for anyone with a smart phone to use. Users can join and upload their own content to google maps, in turn helping to create a unified map of the globe. This is done by using the google Street View app (GSV) and GPS coordinates.

Google Street View app also features a 360° option called "Photo-Sphere" which prompts the user to take several photos in a 360° arrangement while standing in place. The app stitches the photos together and can produce very nice 360° images if done correctly. The image is then uploaded to google maps and will ultimately have a marker placed which allows the point to be viewed using the street view yellow walking man icon.

The consumer and pro-level equipment choices have also grown. The above process is still available for users that may not have specific equipment other than their phone. For users that want to get into 360° capable cameras and photography there are many options available now and the list is constantly growing. I would recommend identifying your interest first, then researching cameras based on interest.


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