Becoming a Google Guide, Google Trusted Pro, and/or Google Street View Contributor

Perhaps there has been a time you were at a really cool or unique location and witnessed "Google", or someone wearing weird "Google" brand-style clothing (Trusted Pro logo is very common), taking pictures or using cameras and mobile technology to record at a site. Maybe you even got lucky enough to witness a driver documenting a Street View recording using the Google car with the weird camera on the roof. More often than not these are everyday ordinary people like you and I and they are "Contributing" to the world according to Google.

Google has used their ingenuity to create apps that take advantage of user created data in the real world. Google has several products as mentioned in this title; "Google Guide" , "Google Trusted Pro" and "Google Street View" that are user contributed mobile (primarily) software apps used to review, market to, and map real-time geographical locations that are visited by the user.

Google Guide - A Google guide is a voluntary position offered by Google in the way of mobile application interaction. When visiting locations the volunteer "Guide" is able to use the "Contributions" or "Maps" app to sign in. Now the guide can verify the GPS coordinates of their location, take and upload pictures, rate and review their experience, all the while qualifying for different google "Badges" or achievement icons to thank you for your contribution.

Google Street View - A Google Street View Pro is essentially the next level up from being a guides contributor. Street View is a separate mobile application that can be used to upload full range view 360° pictures. Beginners typically start off with only their smart phone and grow based on use and interest. The app includes a function to connect 360° cameras direct and upload content seamlessly. Sites with multiple uploads can have corresponding photos "moved and connected" using the app. Depending on photo spacing and coordinates a blue line may appear. This can be used viewed on Google Maps using the yellow walking man icon.

Google Trusted Pro - Google Trusted Pro is actually more of a status or a symbol of a user's "Guide" contributions. Active google guide members that submit a minimum criteria ultimately become "Google Trusted Pro's". Submission of multiple 360° photos will be required to reach this platform (1). This IS possible to achieve without the use of any special equipment (2).

So why participate ? Well, that's up to you. Some users enjoy having the ability to fairly rate and review their experiences while others, like Trusted Pros, may use their experience, expertise, and time to create their own market of demand using the same information! 360° photography, site tours, and aerial drone photography are not only desirable but a growing trend.


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